Due Diligence

Have a property under contract? We can provide you with a  comprehensive due diligence report of interior, exterior and site.

Renovation Project Management

If the project last one month or 36 months, we will be your go-to project management team.  We will take care of all subcontractors, AIA pay requests, and insure the highest quality product for the most competitive price.

CAPEX Projects

When it comes to a CAPEX project, we are your one-stop shop for the project, from: design, contractors, permits, and finish product.


How we can help you

In doing a due diligence of a 236 unit property, there was one unit in which the residents would not allow the inspection team with the maintenance personnel to enter.  They would only allow the inspector to come inside.  This unit had very damaged walls, doors, kitchen and bath cabinets, the toilet was damaged, the bath tub needed to be replaced.  It was in terrible shape.  The bid from the contractor to bring the unit to a rentable position was $22,000 and 10 weeks to complete.  My team completed the unit renovation for $12,500 and in 4 weeks.  Had this unit not been inspected until later in the renovation process, it could have been a huge cost of money and time to repair the unit.

Next Steps...

When you have a letter of intent and before you sign on the dotted line, contact Saggio Renovations to assure you will get the greatest ROI